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Good corporate governance is paramount for both publicly traded and privately held companies.

We offer clients board advisory services to ensure the highest level of corporate governance.

Services Offered:

Compensation committee assistance

    • Compensation philosophy development
    • CEO pay-for-performance assessment
    • Compensation risk assessment facilitation
    • Education and market trends updates
    • Compensation philosophy development 

Executive compensation

    • Peer group development

    • Competitive total direct compensation benchmarking

    • Short-term and long-term incentive plan design

    • Executive benefits consulting

    • Employment agreement review, including severance and change-in-control programs 

Board of Directors compensation

    • Competitive total direct compensation benchmarking

    • Program review and design assistance 

Equity strategy management

    • Competitive grant value benchmarking

    • Equity grant guideline development

    • Financial modeling of equity budget

    • Aggregate equity utilization benchmarking (burn rate and overhang)

IPO preparation

    • Public peer group development: Building the peer list of public company comparables

    • Executive compensation: Refining executive compensation programs as the company transitions to being public, including preparation for disclosure

    • Board pay: Establishing Board pay programs as the company hires outside directors

    • Equity compensation: Updating the equity strategy as the company transitions to being public, including setting up the ESPP and evaluating how ongoing equity is delivered


Our consulting services are typically provided on a project basis. We will work with you to determine the scope of the engagement and provide you with a proposal outlining our suggested project approach, key deliverables, timing, and professional arrangements associated with our support.