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Deciding between a Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) or a traditional PPO or HMO Medical Plan brings up some questions about cost.

Our CDHP Cost Calculator allows you to input plan costs and specifics, such as the deductible amount, for up to four plan options to give you a general idea of how much a CDHP would cost or save you in comparison to other options you may be offered.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Joe is enrolling as an individual in his company’s benefit plan and has three options to select from: A CDHP, PPO (Option 1 below) or Full Network HMO (Option 2 below). Referencing information provided by his employer, he used the CDHP Cost Calculator to input payroll deduction and plan information for each plan he is offered. He also remembered that his employer funds his Health Savings Account (HSA) with $500 annually to help offset the deductible of the CDHP, which he also input into the tool.

Option 1, the PPO his employer offers, will cost him $2,112 more than the CDHP for the year. And Option 2, the Full Network HMO, will cost him $381 more than the CDHP. Joe decided to enroll in the CDHP!

Not only did he save compared to his other plan offerings, he also only used $200 of his employer funded HSA, meaning that remaining $300 rolled over to the new plan year to help cover future qualified health care expenses.


Consumerism Plan Cost Calculator 


Option 1

Option 2

Payroll Deduction




Deduction Frequency




Annual Payroll Cost




Cost/(Savings) from CDHP








Annual Plan Deductible




Annual Employer Fund




Net Annual Deductible




Cost/(Savings) from CDHP








Total Annual Cost




Cost/(Savings) from CDHP





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