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Protect and insure your business during El Nino season.

Heavy rains, thunderstorms, damaging winds and flash floods can wreak havoc on a business. Preparing for El Nino’s extreme weather conditions should be at the forefront of your considerations in 2016.

Tips for Businesses

While you can’t predict the weather or the damage it can do, you can take a few precautions to lessen the impact it can have.

  • Have a comprehensive business continuity plan in place. Warehouse flooded? Distribution routes closed? Identify possible threats and be prepared with a strategy to keep your business moving.
  • Regularly survey your property. Before and after major storms take note of the condition of your building’s roof, gutters, drains and environmental surroundings to address any concerns before it’s too late.
  • Flooding can occur with little notice and cause a lot of damage. Speak to your insurance broker about nearby flood zone threats and coverage options for protecting your building and its contents.
  • Even minor water damage can have major consequences. Address any signs of water intrusion quickly. Most property policies do not cover clean up or damage caused by mold and bacteria growth.
  • Driving in severe weather is dangerous for you and your employees. Develop safe driving policies for your road warriors and communicate it often.

Additional Resources

Going head to head with Mother Nature is a fight you can’t afford to lose. Contact us to discuss ways you can prepare for the storm ahead.