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Protecting your business, your livelihood and your reputation.

Regardless of your reputation or skill, the risk of a lawsuit is always present for game developers. Game Insure™ provides professional liability coverage for the unique activities and services developers deliver every day.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

  • Your game breaches a third party’s intellectual property and now you’re being held accountable.
  • You finish your work past the deadline and your publisher decides to sue.
  • Your publisher sues you for breach of contract.
  • You created a character that resembles a public figure and your publisher is being sued. They put they blame on you.


Game Insure™ policies include general liability, which addresses bodily injury and property damage to a third party, and professional liability, which addresses financial losses to a third party due to your services. Your general liability and professional liability coverage highlights include:

  • Publishers automatically included as “additional insured” as listed by the game developers
  • Automatic coverage of business and personal property at a $25,000 value, with the option to increase
  • Coverage for expenses related to legal defense of claims
  • Broad and customized definition of technology activities
  • Standard worldwide coverage for suits brought anywhere
  • Privacy and cyber liability covers costs & fines related to third party personal information dissemination
  • Policy specifically states coverage for breach of intellectual property rights
  • Cyber-based system interruption triggered by cyber peril or hacking, virus, or malicious third party
  • Multi-Media Liability and Advertising Injury including Defamation, Intellectual Property Rights Infringement, and Content Liability
  • Auto coverage for rental and personal use cars used for business operations