Global Benefits

By combining our international insurance expertise with the requisite unique products and services, we are able to meet your most demanding international benefits needs.

We have established our international benefits pratice in recognition of the globalization of the world's economy. We have a specialized service structure to meet the risk needs of this segment. And, we are devoted to providing the essential coverages for organizations and individuals whose lives and work transcend geographic boundaries.

Key Programs and Coverages

  • US Expatriates and Non-US Inpatriates
  • Key Employee Local Nationals Programs
  • International Business Travel Accident
  • Short term medical plans for internationally mobile employees

Key Services We Provide

  • Management of non-US benefit programs
  • Competitive and cost-effective plans that are consistent with established global strategy
  • A dedicated resource for international and local in-country benefits services including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Global consistency for the management of company benefits policies and objectives
  • Compliance with all in-country laws and regulations
  • Rapid and accurate payment of provider bills and member claims in local currencies

We leverage our global insurance expertise and relationships around the world in order to fulfill our clients' specific in-country requirements. Each partnership we take on is looked at as a unique opportunity to develop specific global benefits programs, and to succeed in reaching the current and future goals of the company and their employees.