Health Care Reform

We understand that Health Care Reform is a top concern for employers and individuals.

Fortunately, our ERISA Attorneys, hands-on Client Service Teams and Insurance Advocates are watching out for your unique Financial, Operational and Human Capital best interests.

For Employers

Between now and the year 2018, health care costs for employers are likely to double due to Health Care Reform. Whether you are faced with escalating rate increases or a variety of taxes embedded in the law, there will be a material impact to your bottom line.

Understanding, applying and remaining compliant within the law will pose a significant threat to your core business operations and create an unwanted diversion. 

Health Care Reform will also determine your ability to hire, grow and ultimately compete in the marketplace. Successfully attracting, retaining and compensating employees during this pivotal time will ensure a strong future and differentiate your organization among the competition.

For Individuals

Trying to understand the law and find the right type of insurance policy is no easy task. The fact that penalties are now in place due to the Individual Mandate if you don’t have health insurance makes matters even more worrisome.

With the help of MMA MarketLink’s Individual Exchange, you are promised the support and guidance you need to shop, compare and buy a plan that’s right for you, your family and your wallet.

MarketLink’s Individual Exchange will help you navigate the maze of private insurance options, as well as State and Federal Exchange solutions, while providing you education and answers.

Contact Marketlink’s Individual Exchange today! Go to or call (844) 861-9458  

For more information on the Affordable Care Act, click here.

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