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Building a successful insurance program begins with a strong foundation.

Our Health & Fitness Practice is comprised of insurance experts whose sole focus is building custom tailored risk management programs and providing advisory services for a diverse client base that embraces health clubs, spas, club designers, fitness manufacturers, fitness instructors and club managers.

With the superior market clout that comes from 100 years in the business, our Health & Fitness Practice team builds programs designed especially to address your specific risk exposures.

Getting the Right Coverage for Your Business

Our main focus is on getting the exact coverage your company needs. When designing a program, we take the time to understand the specific risk issues related to your business.

We will handle the program coordination from beginning to end. Once risks are identified and the insurance program is designed, we present it to insurance companies in a way that encourages competition for your business – meaning you are able to garner the best insurance solution at the best price. Once the insurance companies have presented their proposals to us, together we will review the options, offer recommendations and make a decision.

Loss Control Services to Reduce Costs

Our loss control advisory group works with companies to reduce loss and experience modifications and ultimately reduce premiums. By implementing our safety training programs, we routinely deliver results in claim reduction and experience modifications for our clients.

Our Expertise

Our Health & Fitness Practice has a depth of experience specific to your industry, including:

  • Loss control
  • Risk services
  • Manuscripted policy wording for your industry
  • Contract review and compliance
  • Claim management and analysis
  • Safety program review, development and implementation
  • Financial review, analysis and increase in surety credit

Who We Represent

  • Health & Fitness Club Owners and Operators
  • Club Managers
  • JCCs
  • YMCAs
  • Fitness Equipment Manufacturers
  • Fitness Designers
  • Trademark Companies
  • Fitness Instructors


What Our Clients Are Saying

"By working with MMA, we have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, and our experience modifications have improved dramatically. We certainly could not have done this without them." - Carey White, CFO, Club One, Inc.