2016 Legislative News

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, December 2016

1. Small Employer Standalone HRAs Now Permitted Under 21st Century Cures Act
2. Extensions to Furnishing Date of Form 1095-C (and Form 1095-B) to Employees/Individuals and Good Faith Transition Relief to Employers/Insurers
3. IRS Releases Health Care Tax Tip 2016-77: Seasonal Workers and Applicable Large Employer Status
4. HHS Releases Information On Phishing Scam
5. Question of the Month: How Do Health FSA Carryovers Affect HSA Eligibility

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, November 2016

1. New Rules on Short-Term Insurance, Excepted Benefits, and Essential Health Benefits
2. 2017 Health FSA and Transit Expense Limits
3. 2016 Form 5500 Series of Documents Released
4. Washington State Passes Paid Sick Leave Law
5. Montgomery County, Maryland Amends Previous Sick and Safe Leave Law
6. Arizona Voters Approve Paid Sick Leave Measure
7. IRS Announces Increased PCOR Fee Amount

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, October 2016

1. IRS Releases Final Versions of Forms 1094/1095 B & C and Instructions for 2016
2. California Passes AB 72: Patients Pay In-Network Costs for Out-of-Network Providers Working at In-Network Health Care Facilities
3. Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors
4. 2017 San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance Rate Adjustments
5. Morristown, New Jersey Enacts Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
6. Cook County, Illinois Enacts Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
7. Minneapolis, Minnesota Amends Paid Sick Leave Law
8. Compliance Reminder: ACA Transitional Reinsurance Fee Submission Forms Due November 15, 2016
9. Compliance Reminder: Section 1557 Non-discrimination Notice Was Due to Plan Participants on October 16, 2016
10. Question of the Month  

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, September 2016

1. IRS Releases Draft Instructions for 2016 1094/1095 B and C Forms  
2. IRS Issues Inflationary Adjustments to Individual Mandate Penalty
3. HHS Releases Guidance on Non-Discrimination and Tagline Standards Under ACA
4. HHS Releases Proposed Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2018
5. Illinois Passes Child Bereavement Leave Act
6. New York City Modifies Commuter Benefit Ordinance
7. San Diego Amends Paid Sick Leave Law
8. More Cities Enact Sick and Safe Time Laws
9. Compliance Reminder: Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice due October 15th  

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, August 2016

1. IRS Issues Proposed Regulations on Information Reporting for Issuers of Insurance
2. Penalties Increase for ERISA Violations
3. IRS Releases Draft Versions for 2016 Form 1094/1095 Information Returns
4. Proposed Form 5500 Revisions are Coming, But Not Until 2019
5. Employers-What to Do If You Received a Marketplace Notice
6. Question of the Month

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, July 2016

1. RS Issues Proposed Regulations on Premium Tax Credits and Affordability of Opt-out Payments
2. Chicago, Illinois Passes Sick Leave Ordinance
3. IRS Releases Information Letter on ACA Penalties and Medicare Recipients
4. San Diego, California Passes Sick Leave OrdinanceQuestion of the Month

Breaking News: IRS Issues Update on Late or Incorrect Filings of Forms 1094-C and 1095-C

1. 1094-C and 1095-C Forms that are Filed Late may be Exempt from Penalty  
2. Potential Exemption(s) from Correction of Inaccurate Tax ID Numbers on Returns
3. Instructions for Correcting Form 1094-C and Form 1095-C

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, June 2016

1. Los Angeles, California Passes Sick Leave Ordinance
2. HHS Issues Final Rule On ACA Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities
3. Internal Revenue Service Releases Memorandum on Wellness Program Cash Rewards and Premium Reimbursements
4. ADA and GINA Final Rules: Updates and Impact on Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs
5. Minneapolis, Minnesota Enacts Sick and Safe Time Ordinance
6. Wisconsin Adopts Unpaid Leave Law for Donors
7. Compliance Reminder: PCORI Fee Due to IRS by August 1st
8. Question of the Month

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, May 2016

1. OCR Releases Phase 2 HIPAA Audit Protocol
2. DOL Issues Another FAQ Related to Implementation of the Affordable Care Act
3. IRS Issues Maximum Annual HSA and HDHP Limits for 2017
4. California Bill No. 908 Increases Wage Replacement Benefits During Family Leave
5. Compliance Reminder: Form 1094-C and Form 1095-C Paper Filings Due May 31st and Electronic Filings Due June 30th

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, April 2016:

1. DOL issues memorandum on ACA and its interaction with fringe benefit employees
2. IRS releases index and cost of living adjustments for 2017 (Revenue Procedure 2016-24)
3. San Francisco enacts Paid Parental Leave Ordinance
4. State of New York enacts Paid Family Leave Law
5. New York City amends Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
6. Vermont becomes fifth state to enact Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
7. Changes to California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law under the Fair Employment and Housing Act
8. Compliance reminder: Annual Reports due April 30th
9. Department of Labor issued final regulations on the new Summary of Benefits and Coverage template

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, March 2016:

1. New, Proposed Template for Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
2. CMS Extends Transition Relief to Non-Compliant Small Group/Individual Plans for Another Year
3. Santa Monica Paid Sick Leave Law
4. HHS Releases Maximum Annual Limits on Cost-Sharing for 2017

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, February 2016:

1. Notice 2016-17: Student Health Plans & the ACA
2. Notice 2016-14: Expatriate Health Plans & the Health Insurance Provider’s Fee
3. HHS Issues New Guidance on Individuals & Access to PHI

Legislative Compliance, Monthly, January 2016:

1. Notice 2015-87: Departments Release Application of Market Reform Provisions
2. Limits on Parking and Transit Benefits Increased, and Retroactive Guidance Provided
3. Updates to the AIR Program
4. IRS Instructions on Exemptions for Individual Mandate Penalties
5. New and Revised Paid Sick Leave Laws
6. California Laws Related and Unrelated to Health Care Reform
7. Employer Provided Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection Services Prior to Breach to be Exempt as Income to Employees

2015 Legislative News

  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, December 2015: Departments release final ACA rules on multiple topics; IRS issues memorandum opinion on integrated HRAs with spousal coverage; Extension period for filing form 5500 repealed before effective date

  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, November 2015: FAQs released on Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Parity (Part XXIX); EEOC releases questions and answers on notice of proposed rulemaking for incentives related to spousal participation in wellness programs; Automatic enrollment provision of health care reform repealed; IRS releases index and cost of living adjustments to mandates and fringe benefits; Elizabeth, New Jersey adopts paid sick leave and Jersey City expands sick leave ordinance; California limits out of pocket maximums and deductibles
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, October 2015: IRS releases more forms and publications for ACA reporting; ACA small group market expansion repealed; IRS releases PCORI fee amount for 2016; ACA reinsurance fee counts and payments due soon
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, September 2015IRS Announces Tax-Free Status for Identity Protection Services for Employee-Victims of Data Breach; IRS Withdraws Proposed Regulations on ACA Minimum Value and Issues Other Minimum Value Regulations; HHS Issues Proposed Rule Prohibiting Discrimination against Vulnerable Populations’ Access to Health Care; ACA Employer Reporting
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, August 2015Pittsburgh City Council approves Paid Sick Leave Law; the ACA Summary of Benefits and Coverage Requirement coon subject to new final rules; ACA Preventive Services final regulations released; IRS issues additional guidance on ACA Application to Ex Pat Plans; IRS requests more comments on the Cadillac Tax; Veterans’ Health Coverage exempted from ACA Employer Mandate and HSA Eligibility Rules
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, July 2015Massachusetts says ‘wait’ on sick leave law for some employers; IRS reports more on employer reporting; California sick leave law is already sick! Amendments will fix it; More cities and states catch the bug. Mandated sick leave is spreading; Small group expands to adopt ACA FT/FTE counting.
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, June 2015FAQs Released on 1094/95-C reporting; City of Emeryville enacts paid sick leave law; Updated FMLA forms released; HHS releases further clarification on maximum out-of-pocket limits; FAQs released on ACA preventive care mandate; Compliance Reminder: PCORI fee due July 31st
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, May 2015: FAQs Released on Application of HIPAA to Wellness Programs; Massachusetts Paid Sick Leave Law, Proposed Regulations Released; Health Savings Accounts and High Deductible Plan 2016 Cost-of-Living Adjustments Released 
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, April 2015: CFRA Regulations Updated to Align California Leave to FMLA; CMS Releases Medicare Part D Parameters for 2016; DOL Delays SBC Proposed Rules and Templates; Federal Court Blocks Application of FMLA to Same-Sex Spouses in Four States; Tacoma, Washington Passes Paid Sick Leave Law
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, March 2015: Premium reimbursements and small groups, provisions; Philidelphia enacts paid sick leave law; DOL finalizes rule on definition of spouse for FMLA purposes; HHS releases reinsurance parameters for 2016; ACA Cadillac Tax.
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, February 2015: Employer reporting requirements released; Massachusetts extends paternity rights; California issues emergency regulations on narrow provider networks; Eugene, Oregon releases proposed paid sick leave rules.
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, January 2015: New proposed regulations on Summary of Benefits and Coverage; Proposed rules released on limited wraparound coverage; Qualified expatriate health plans exempt from most health care reform provisions; Retroactive increase to 2014 qualified transportation benefits and tax reporting; Employers are obligated to provide notice.

2014 Legislative News

  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, December 2014: Payment Parameters, One word to describe affordability: confusion; Oakland voters want the right to be sick too; Rules restricting transit benefit reimbursement; Self-compliance tool update; What everyone's been waiting for: Form 5500 updates
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, November 2014: Massachusetts enacts paid sick leave law; no way for premium reimbursement arrangements; HPID; FSAs; NYC commuter benefits; subsidies are king
  • Breaking News, November 2014: Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Treasury's position on Minimum Value Plans
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, October 2014: District of Comulbia gets sicker, Supreme Court waits on same-sex marriage, HPID, Out-of-pocket references, PCORI fee is going up, and accepted excepted benefits
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, September 2014: Massachusetts to mandate unpaid leave for domestic violence situations; New York City new leave law; accomodations options for religious organizations with objections to contraceptive mandate; ACA reporting instructions; and Bay Area Commuter Benefit Program
  • Breaking News, August 2014: California Passes Legislation Affecting 60-Day Waiting Period
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, August 2014: Calculation for affordable employer-sponsored MEC coverage changes; ACA Insurance Market Reforms; EEOC issues enforcement guidance; HCSO rate adjustments; HIPAA BAA update; Hobby Lobby decision
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, July 2014: FMLA souse definition changes; reinsurance fees explained; Washington same-sex spouse coverage; PCOR fees; U.S. Supreme Court finds corporations can have religious beliefs
  • Legislative Compliance, Monthly, June 2014: IRS reminds employers of penalties for reimbursement of individual insurance premiums, Oregon and Pennsylvania allow same-sex marriage, final regulations and FAQ issued on ACA market reform and Exchange provisions, and California expands Paid Family Leave law, 2014 PCOR fee reminder
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, May 2014: 2014 HSA and HDHP limits, updated model COBRA and CHIPRA notice information, and Exchange Special Enrollment Periods defined.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, April 2014: Congress repeals small group annual deductible limit; HIPAA security risk assessment tool now available; guidance released on correcting certain health FSA errors; expatriate plans provided some relief from health insurer fees; Bay Area employers must soon offer employees a commuter benefit plan; IRS releases memorandum on health FSAs and contributions to HSAs.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, March 2014: Regulations released on 90-day Waiting Period Limitation and orientation period; final regulations released on information reporting for employers and insurers under the ACA; Transition relief now allows certain non-compliant policies and hardship exemptions for two years; New York City adopts mandatory sick leave law.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, February 2014: IRS updates publications for 2013 tax returns; Newark soon to require paid sick leave; new guidance on HRAs and wellness incentives treatment under health care reform’s Individual Mandate; more exemptions from the Individual Mandate penalty.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, January 2014: Regulations released relating to January 1 effective-date Exchange coverage; DOL releases From 5500 for 2013 plan year; Final regulations on HCR’s Health Insurer Fees; San Francisco family friendly workplace ordinance notice released; Utah SSM rights uncertain; Guidance issued on HRA exemption from Reinsurance fee; hardship exemption from individual mandate available for those with cancelled policies; proposed regulations on changes to HIPAA-excepted benefits; San Francisco authorizes use of limited scope Health Reimbursement Arrangements to satisfy HCSO spending requirement.

2013 Legislative News

  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, December 2013Final rules issued on Mental Health Parity; Massachusetts bulletin repeals certain Internal Revenue Code section 125 state requirements; proposed rules on notice of benefit and payment parameters for 2015; market reforms and SHOP online enrollment delayed; HI, IL and OR expand same-sex marriage rights; California passes legislation to exclude from income benefits provided to same-sex couples; Internal Revenue Service announces key benefit plan limits for 2014.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, November 2013:
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, October 2013: IRS announces procedures to correct over-withheld taxes on same-sex spouse benefits; Department of Labor recognizes same-sex marriage for federal tax and ERISA purposes; HDHP can provide first dollar coverage for preventative care;  Jersey City passes sick leave law.
  • BREAKING NEWS: IRS Issues Guidance on the Application of PPACA to HRAs, FSAs & other Employer Health Care Arrangements
  • BREAKING NEWS: Employer Reporting Requirements: Proposed Regulations on Applicable Large Employer Reporting Requirements under Section 6056,  Proposed Regulations on Information Reporting of Minimum Essential Coverage under Section 6055 
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, September 2013: Final Rule Issued on Program Integrity: Exchange, SHOP and Eligibility Appeals,  Final Rule Issued on Eligible Employer Sponsored Coverage & Individual Mandate, Proposed Regulations on Small Business Health Care Tax Credit,  FAQs on Marketplace Notice & the 90-day Waiting Period Limitation.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, August 2013
  • Legislative Compliancee Monthly, July 2013: 2014 employer mandate & reporting relief, New guidance surrounding verification of the premium tax credit eligibility, Religious employer & organization exemption, Updates to the reinsurance program regarding the administration and collection of the fees, Exchange reporting requirements & individual eligibility exemptions.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, June, 2013: Final rules issued on Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), Clarification on the Form 5500 method for reinsurance contributions.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Form 720 Released for Payment of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Fee: Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return, Form 720 recently released for payment of PCOR Fee, Plans subject to the PCOR fee: Medical plans, including HRAs and some FSAs, First PCOR fee due by July 31, 2013 for plan years ending between October 1 and December 31, 2012 at a rate of one dollar per enrolled member (counting enrolled spouses and dependents).
  • BREAKING NEWS: Final Regulations Released on Increased Incentives for Wellness Programs: Wellness programs eligible to utilize incentive up to 30% for health-contingent plans meeting certain requirements such as offering reasonable alternative. Wellness programs with a tobacco use cessation component eligible for an additional 20% incentive amount.

2012 Legislative News

  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, December 2012 - IRS issues final regulations on fees to be paid to the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute; HHS issues proposed rules on reinsurance payment parameters for 2014; Multi-State Plan Programs will be offered within State Exchanges; Same-sex marriage expands to Maine, Maryland and Washington; IRS issues FAQs on the Net Investment Income Tax; California updates regulations related to Pregnancy Disability Leave; and, HHS releases guidance on de-identification of Protected Health Information.
  • BREAKING NEWS - Guidance released on health care reform's Premium Limits, Actuarial Value, Wellness Incentives, Essential Health Benefits and more.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, November 2012 - Obama wins re-election, the fiscal cliff; the Federal Defense of Marriage Act found unconstitutional in the Second CIrcuit Federal Appeals Court; California CO-OP established to provide more insurance options for small businesses; Federal Appeals Court finds wellness programs using a health risk assessment not in violation with the Americans with Disabilities Act; and the IRS releases cost-of-living adjustments for 2013.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, October 2012 - Joint agencies provide insight into the treatment of HSAs and HRAs when calculating minimum value; IRS issues 2012 updates to Form 8889 including updated instructions on HSA reporting; additional information on the .9% increase to the Additional Medicare Tax for high-income earners.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, September 2012 - IRS provides guidance on health care reform’s Additional Medicare Tax for high-income earners; joint agencies release guidance on the 90-Day Waiting Period Limitation under health care reform; and, IRS issues guidance on the definition of full-time employee under health care reform's Employer Mandate.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, August 2012- Joint agencies issue FAQ update on SBC requirements for employer-provided Medicare Advantage plans; CCIIO issues additional guidance on the coverage of contraceptive services without cost-sharing mandate under health care reform; and additional SBC resource links available.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, July 2012 - DOL releases FAQs and new webpage on MHPAEA; DOMA deemed unconstitutional in the First Circuit Court of Appeals; SBC cost analysis calculator released; proposed regulations released on health care reform's Essential Benefits data collection; protocol released for HIPAA audits; and, Rhode Island recognizes same-sex marriage from outside jurisdictions.
  • BREAKING NEWS - SCOTUS decides constitutionality of health care reform's Individual Mandate
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, June 2012 - IRS provides relief to health care reform's FSA limit of $2,500 for non-calendar year plans beginning prior to 2013; additional regulations released on Exchanges; final regulations on health care reform's Premium Tax Credit released; and, Medical Loss Ratio rebates set to disburse August 2012.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, May 2012 - IRS releases proposed regulations on health care reform's Comparative Effectiveness Fee provision and 2013 cost-of-living-adjustments for HSAs and HDHPs; and, issues three requests for comments surrounding provisions within the Employer Mandate. The DOL releases its latest version of the interactive health care reform compliance website for employers; HHS releases FAQs on health care reform's Medical Loss Ratio requirements; and, CMS releases Medicare Part D creditable coverage parameters for 2013.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, April 2012 - Proposed regulations released expanding family medical leave to airline flight crew and military families; HHS issues additional guidance on health care reform's Essential Health Benefits; self-funded plans may retain Grandfathered status under health care reform when switching to a fully-insured plan; HITECH breach notifications reminder; bulletin issued for determining actuarial value for health care reform's Exchange coverage; final regulations issued on health care reform's Exchange establishment and eligibility; additional guidance issued on health care reform's Summary of Benefits and Coverage; and, comments requested on health care reform's provision requiring coverage of contraception.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, March 2012 - Michigan imposes health insurance claims tax; final rule issued on health care reform's Women's Preventive Care Mandate; notice issued on the effect of Indian Health Services on HSA eligibility; model notices released on health care reform's Medical Loss Ratio requirements; and, Washington state becomes the seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage.
  • BREAKING NEWS Final regulations released on health care reform's Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  • BREAKING NEWS Guidance issued on health care reform's Employer Mandate and Automatic Enrollment provisions
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, February 2012 - Additional guidance issued on health care reform's Women's Preventive Care Mandate; determination letter program regarding certain tax status qualifications modified; annual report to Congress on HIPAA security breaches released; and, White House issues report on health care reform progress.
  • BREAKING NEWS California Appeals Court finds Proposition 8 unconstitutional
  • BREAKING NEWS - IRS issues additional guidance on health care reform's Form W-2 Reporting requirement
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, January 2012 Final regulations issued on health care reform's Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) Program; Early Retiree Reinsurance Program closes for business; and, Form 5500 for 2011 plan year released.
  • BREAKING NEWS Guidance issued on health care reform's Essential Benefits  

2011 Legislative News

  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, December 2011 - Online tool available to assist small businesses find and compare health insurance plans.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, November 2011 2012 cost-of-living adjustments released for commuter benefits, adoption assistance and discrimination testing.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, October 2011 - Reminder issued to small businesses to claim eligible small business tax credits for 2010 returns; health care reform's rate increase review extended to individual and small group coverage sold to or through associations; and, IRS requests comments on Employer Mandate provisions.  HHS submits its first breach notification and HIPAA compliance report to Congress; California expands its privacy breach notification rules; and, Texas enacts its own health information privacy law.  The threshold has been increased for HRA reporting under Medicare Secondary Payer statute; and, both the state of Connecticut and city of Seattle have enacted paid sick leave laws.   
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, September 2011 - Update provided on health care reform's Annual Limits Waiver process, External Review standards, and Premium Rate Increase reviews.  The DOL updates their COBRA subsidy FAQs surrounding eligibility for the COBRA premium assistance subsidy, the IRS issues their list of approved HSA trustees and custodians and the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules on California's Mental Health Parity Act.
  • BREAKING NEWS - Interim final regulations released on health care reform's Summary of Benefits and Coverage and Uniform Glossary of Terms
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, August 2011 - Guidance issued on HIPAA disclosure and accounting measures for covered entities and business associates; explanation released from the EEOC on how to protect employees' Protected Health Information. EEOC releases opinion letter explaining their position on incentives for workplace wellness programs; and health care reform's Women's Preventive Care Mandate is expanded.
  • BREAKING NEWS - HHS Releases Proposed Regulations on Health Care Reform's State Exchanges and Qualified Health Plans
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, July 2011 - New York enacts same-sex marriage law and Rhode Island enacts civil union law; IRS inreases standard mileage rates; amendments are made to health care reform's Internal and External Appeals processes; and comments are requested on Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.
  • BREAKING NEWS - Health Care Reform's Annual Limits Waiver Program Modified
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, June 2011 - 2012 cost-of-living-adjustments released for HSAs and HDHPs; HHS issues guidance on Medical Loss Ratio requirements; and CMS revises Medicare Part D Notice and releases 2012 Medicare Part D parameters.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, May 2011- This month’s newsletter includes information on final regulations issued pursuant to the Medicare Part D Program, how the public may submit comments to the DOL regarding the delivery of disclosures and information by employee benefit plans as well as an update on the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program, established to reimburse plans for claims expended on the early retiree. In addition, the DOL has issued an updated National Support Notice Part A, and opt-out election materials for self-funded, non-federal governmental plans.
  • BREAKING NEWS - Appropriations Bill Repeals Health Care Reform's Free Choice Voucher Provisions
  • BREAKING NEWS - California Governor Signs Tax Conformity Bill Negating Taxation for Adult Dependent Health Plan Coverage
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, April 2011 - This month’s newsletter discusses the final regulations issued for the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act, and includes information relating to internal claims and appeals processes for group health plans. Updated FAQs relating to health care reform have also been provided. Please forward this newsletter to all of your clients.
  • BREAKING NEWS - Internal Revenue Service Issues Additional Guidance on Health Care Reform's Form W-2 Reporting Requirement
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, March 2011 - This month’s newsletter provides clarification on California’s taxation of the adult child coverage; recent IRS approval on reimbursements for lactation expenses; the new effective date for pension plan fee disclosures and the latest challenge against DOMA.
  • BREAKING NEWS - California Legislature Approves Tax Conformity Bill Negating Taxation for Adult Dependent Health Plan Coverage
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, February 2011 -This month’s newsletter addresses Form W-2 reporting for those employers voluntarily choosing to report the cost of employer-coverage for 2011; MEWA Form M-1 reporting as well as a recent update on health care reform’s annual limit waivers.
  • Legislative Compliance Monthly, January 2011

2010 Legislative News

2009 Legislative News