Your business is part of one of the country's leading hotbeds of manufacturing activity - California. You want to be positioned not just for survival but for growth.

An uncovered loss can put a manufacturing company - many family owned for multiple generations - out of business. No other middle market broker has the resources available that we offer to address the significant challenges facing manufacturers today:

    • Constant pressure to cut costs
    • Improve quality, safety, and employee well-being
    • Meet environmental and international standards
    • Get to market faster with new and improved products, all in a larger, more competitive, global playing field

Our Manufacturing Practice Group is invested in offering solutions to these challenges and protecting your assets. We work with over 550 manufacturing clients and are active members of The Inland Empire Economic Partnership. 

Unique Solutions to Protect Your Assets:

Our insurance experts ensure that appropriate coverages are in place to protect your bottom line.  In addition, our team includes in-house Risk & Loss Advisors and Claims Advocates who assist manufacturing clients in developing a culture of safety with industry-specific recommendations and advocacy. 

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