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We help navigate the complicated pharmacy landscape and find savings.

The ongoing introduction of specialty pharmacy drugs continues to increase unit costs, so much so that specialty drugs represented 40% of employers’ total pharmacy spending in 2015.

To address employer’s growing needs, Marsh & McLennan Agency has developed a proprietary program called MMA Rx Solutions. MMA Rx Solutions provides employers with real time access to eligibility and claim data giving them more control over the pharmacy program. By taking an active role in your pharmacy arrangement, you can experience savings of 10-20%.

Key Benefits

  • Better cost and trend management through proprietary analytics
  • Expert review and negotiations on pharmacy contracts
  • Innovative solutions for employee engagement and communication
  • More control and customization of plan
  • Performance management of the PBM
  • Mobile application for employees to make cost-effective decisions when filling prescriptions


A Better Approach to Pharmacy Management

Case Study: Pharmacy Savings Through Expert Negotiations