Technology Advisors

MMA's Technology Advisors help employers make smarter HR technology decisions to meet their needs and budget.

Choosing the Right Platform

Implementing a Human resources technology platform can help streamline workflows, consolidate data and free up your HR team to spend more time with your most important resource – your people. But sorting through the options and sitting through demos is not only time consuming, it’s overwhelming. That’s where our Technology Advisors can help.

Our Process

With over 300 platforms and tools available to employers, the human resources technology selection process can be daunting. Our experts use a six step process to support clients and find the best possible solution. 

1. Discovery: A detailed assessment of your business needs is conducted.
2. Search: Prepare your Request for Proposal (RFP) to being the provider review process.
3. Selection: Analyze proposals received. Schedule demos. Review agreements.
4. Negotiate: Negotiate pricing based on volume discounts and buying power.
5. Implementation: Assist with purchase and acquisition decision. Provide support during implementation.
6. Communication: Ongoing technology support.

Are you using the right HR technology platform? Our technology advisors and Employee Benefits experts can provide a complimentary technology platform assessment for your organization. Schedule yours today by clicking the button below.