Whether you’re headed off to your first year of college, almost ready to graduate, or you’re a visiting scholar, having the right health insurance is a must.

We’re partnering with top universities and colleges to make sure students, parents and alumni have the support you need to select the best insurance.

Our MMA MarketLink Individual Exchange is your dedicated and professional resource for questions related to your health insurance, including:

    • Which plan is best for me/my student?
    • How much will it cost?
    • What services are covered under my/my student’s plan?
    • Which doctors are in my/my student’s network?

MarketLink’s Individual Exchange associates take the time to get to know your school’s health plan options and help you make informed insurance decisions.

Some of Our Valued Clients:

Students from Saint Mary’s College:
Toll Free:  844-779-1862
Email:  sia.stmarys@barneyandbarney.com

Students from UC Davis:
Toll Free:  844-779-1859
Email:  StudentIA@barneyandbarney.com

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