We believe that any organization, regardless of size or budget, can create a corporate culture that encourages the development of Total Health for every employee.

Our Approach

Regardless of your size, budget, or resources, Total Health can help you and your workforce achieve clinical, financial and experiential results. After defining your objectives, we’ll design your wellness program complete with recommendations and resources to help deliver a thoughtful and engaging offering.

Choosing Your Journey

Whether you’re just getting started with workplace wellness or are looking to revamp your current approach, we’ll determine which of our three paths is the best starting-off point for your team.

Regardless of which path you select as your foundation to Total Health, our hands on approach will ensure you and your employees reach your wellness peak.

To Get Climbing

For a detailed breakdown of our program paths or to discuss our service philosophy in support of your company’s Total Health, contact your MMA Representative.

Altitude Newsletter

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Is your company geared up for Total Health? Contact us for a complimentary company wellness consultation.


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